SUMMARY: Problems w/ Diskless Client & Sol 2.4

From: Nils Ellmenreich (
Date: Mon Feb 20 1995 - 12:24:29 CST

Hi all,

Thanks to Endre Polgar ( and Casper Dik
( who responded to my mail. The problem was that
after installing a diskless client with only the 2.4 recommended
patches (the server got all patches applied to) rlogin and telnet to
the client failed with message

        rlogind: ioctl I_PUSH rlmod: Invalid argument.


The server got patch 102119-01 whereas the client didn't. This patch (a
not recommended one) changes the telnet and rlogin daemon. After
applying this patch to the client as well one has to make sure that
that the kernel driver is correctly being added. This is done by typing

 add_drv /kernel/drv/logindmux

as root on the client. After a "b net -r" the client was running and
telnet and rlogin OK.



Nils Ellmenreich                                  University of Passau                             Germany

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