SUMMARY: Mounting NFS File systems of More than 2GB in SUNOS 4.1.X

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Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 15:04:14 CST

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My original question was:
>I have the following problem here. I am sure some of you have found a way out of it.
>PROBLEM: We have Solaris 2.X and Solaris 1.X systems out here. If we create
>a partition of size greater than 2GB on the Solaris 2.X systems, we find that
>the Solaris 1.X systems display only 2GB if the same is mounted on the system using NFS.
>What I want to know is:
>1. whether there is any way that I can change this (patch, etc)
>2. What happens if I try to write more than 2GB on the NFS mounted file system.

Answer to Question 1: The only thing that can help in this case is to get the
"df" and "du" commands that come with the ODS software.

Answer to Question 2: One could easily write more than 2GB on to the file system
and sincle the available size is verified on the server side, there will not be
any problem at all.
However, one should not try to access a file which is more than 2GB.

Thank you all once again.

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