Summary: and ldd fail to find library

From: Steven Hovater (
Date: Thu Feb 16 1995 - 00:37:53 CST

Thanks to all the respondents - I found my own solution, and a strange
one it was.

Basically, the msg I had gotten from was that it couldn't find
"" - even though it was where it should have been found.
In a moment of inspiration, I renamed the file to, and
whaddaya know - it works like it ought to now. Bizarre.

Here's some of the responses I got:

This was a bug for Motif and i don't remember this bug is for which release.
It is that most be placed in /usr/local/lib that mwm can sees it.
No harm to give it a try.

From: (Lee Lindley)

I have similar behaviour, but only when I have ksh as my login shell. My ENV variable points to $HOME/.kshrc and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is exported from .profile. But every time I do a subshell, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is unset! I verified this by putting a set command in .kshrc. Sure enough, everthing I exported in .profile is there except LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I tried a kludge of setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH in .kshrc and some things work that didn't before. But stuff started from a window manager menu has to be started with exec ksh -c "program and args" instead of exec program and args

Are you running ksh as your login shell? If so, what version (set -o emacs then ^V). I never have this problem when I use csh or sh.


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