SUMMARY - Slow Mailtool

From: Richard Green (
Date: Wed Feb 15 1995 - 04:46:42 CST

Original Question

> In the last few days the mailtool is taking about 60-90 seconds or so to come up. It used to take about 5 to 10 seconds - we have rebooted the machine yesterday for another reason but this has not helped.
> Platform is solaris 2.3, mailtool v3.3
> Does anyone have any ideas?

I received about 20 responses (thank you to those people - you know who you are) and almost all suggested that I check the size of the mailboxes and NFS mounts.

Sadly, all the mailboxes on our system have only a handful of messages with no attachments and none are NFS mounted.

Thanks anyway.

Richard Green

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