SUMMARY: ps gives kernel errors 1.1.1b

From: Meystel (
Date: Wed Feb 08 1995 - 21:39:36 CST


My original question:

> When I do a 'ps' command, it gives the following error:
> ps: /dev/mem: error on kas: bad address
> ps: could not read kernel VM

The answers:

Thanks to Carl Hughey (
> Make sure the kernel you're running is actually the /vmunix file. Apparently
> ps looks at the file /vmunix for information. If you boot with an alternate
> kernel file name, you'll get similar errors.
> Another possibilty is that you didn't get a clean kernel build. May want to
> try recompiling your kernel and checking for errors.

Thanks to Tim Rosmus (
> Sounds like you rebuilt and installed a new kernel in /vmunix, but forgot
> to reboot.

Thanks to Mike Frizzell (
> have you not rebooted since your rebuilt your kernel???

The result:

I have opted to re-install the OS and go with just the recommended set of

Thanks to all who replied for the speed of response and the helpful ideas.


Drexel University

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