SUMMARY: Recommendations for multi-function s-bus card

From: Dale Wellborn (
Date: Tue Feb 07 1995 - 00:45:07 CST


I had previously asked for recommendations for an s-bus card which would
provide a SCSI bus interface and "anything else".

It seems that the "anything else" is either nothing (i.e., is empty) or is a
network interface; I could not locate a card which had SCSI AND LAN AND serial
AND parallel AND the-kitchen-sink.

People recommended the following vendors:

1) Sun ;-)
2) Antares Microsystems: 1-800-370-SBUS,
3) Artecon: 1-800-USA-ARTE, or 1-416-487-7701

Each of the above vendors market a SCSI-only card and a SCSI/LAN card (in
addition to a large number of other s-bus products).

Thanks to:

Syed Zaeem Hosain
Donald McLachlan
Paul E. Silun
Dave Chesnut
Bob Yamaguchi
Kevin Sheehan
Chris Swanson

Dale Wellborn

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