Summary: 9GB disks and 4.1.3 nfs clients

From: Bob Hendley (
Date: Thu Feb 02 1995 - 07:03:45 CST

> 1. Is there a problem with filesystems >2GB on nfs clients running
> 4.1.3? The disks will be on a server running 2.4, but will be accessed
> by some machines running 4.1.3. Does the limit on filesystem size
> apply to nfs mounted filesystems?

There was some difference of opinion on this. The consensus (and suns answer)
is that there is no problem.

The only difficulty is with df and du:

   Online: Disksuite v1.0 (for Solaris 1.x) comes with replacements for the
   utilities like df and if you have a copy of OLDS on your network you are
   licensed to copy them from the CD to all your Solaris 1.x clients.

> 2. Are there any reliability problems with these 9GB disks?

Mostly not. There were some problems with early batches but these are reported
to be fixed now. One person had lost two drives.

As several people pointed out 9GB is a lot to restore if you do have problems.

> 3. Is it possible to run these disks on SS2s - I know they are not supported
> but will they work?


Many thanks to everyone who replied.


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