Summary: X11R6 on Sparc Architecture

From: Larry Chin (
Date: Wed Feb 01 1995 - 21:21:18 CST

I had asked for a source of X11R6 ( X11R5 ) for the Sparc architecture.

I got a number of replies which suggested that X11R6 *was* meant for the
Sparc architecture. As a result I downloaded the whole thing ( again ) and
remade it and it went without a hitch. I can only assume that the original
distribution that I got was somehow corrupted.

Just so that this won't be total waste of bandwidth:

- alnut Creek CDs. also have the source and binaries approx $30-40$.
  ftp to ( but they kinda discourage downloading and entire CD )
- is another source for the X11 stuff.
- O'Reillys "X Companion CD for R6" ( aboutr $30 )

Thanks to the folks who offered to ftp or put the thing on tape for me.
Sorry if I missed your name below, it means that I just haven't gotten
your mail yet.

Thanks to:
Michael Myers <>
Alexander Haiut <>
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <>
Tino W. Dai <>
David R Courtade <>

Wed Feb 1 06:42:23 EST 1995
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