SUMMARY: /usr/openwin/bin/mp capable of ISO-8859-1?

From: Matthias Pfuetzner (
Date: Sat Jan 28 1995 - 07:22:37 CST

Hello all!

I (Matthias Pfuetzner) wrote:
> Hello Sun-Managers!
> I'd like to know whether anybody has "patch"ed the prologue files of
> (SunOS 4.1.3's) /usr/openwin/bin/mp so that it supports ISO-8859-1 if this
> would be the only thing to make "mp" capable of ISO-8859-1?
> If I pipe a mail containing ISO-8859-1 Umlauts through mp, it prints nothing
> or only spaces for those characters.


> Would such a "patch" be all to make ISO-8859-1 characters be printable by
> "mp"?
> So, if anyone out there in net-space can give me a hint, I'd be most grateful!

Thanks to all who replied! I have to say: SHAME ON ME!

My fault has been, that I thought, that this is a Sun specific program, and
not a freely available one.

The always newest version can be found on:




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