SUMMARY: reset exabyte tape

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Date: Tue Jan 24 1995 - 04:47:28 CST


Original question:
We have a builtin 5 GByte 8 mm Tape Drive (Sparccenter 2000). We have
the following problem. The tape drive doesn't eject the tape cartridge.
We have use the unload button and the command mt -f /dev/rmt/0 offline
give the following output '/dev/rmt/0: no tape loaded or drive offline'
The only solution (that we see) is reboot the machine. This
is very unpleasant !! Is there an other possibility without reboot ?

We disassemble the Exabyte drive, power off the drive and power on
the drive and the problem was fixed without rebooting the machine

Thanks : Debbie Keyes
          Anders Hammarquist
          Nate Itkin
          Tomasz M. Wolniewicz
          Daniel W. Fitzwiliiam
          Yves Morin
          Stephen Schneider


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