SUMMARY: lofs mount from fstab

From: Randy Bush (
Date: Sun Jan 22 1995 - 16:34:03 CST

Original question:

    a bit of /etc/fstab

        /dev/sd2g /var/spool/news 4.2 rw 3 1
        /dev/sd3g /news2 4.2 rw 4 1
        /news2/news/alt /var/spool/news/alt lo rw 0 0

    after boot, the partitions are mounted, but the lofs system is not.

    when the boot has completed, i can say `mount -a' and the lofs system
    becomes mounted. how do i get it mounted at boot?

    4.1.3U1 on a Classic.


    rc.boot/rc.local do not mount lofs, only 4.2 and nfs. one needs to add
        intr [-a] mount -at lo

    where appropriate.


    location of the mount for 4.2 and nfs seems to vary widely in the rcs.

Side comment: asked why i did not just use soft links. the reason is
    that INN's expire does a chdir ../../foo/bar for crosslinked articles,
    and that does not work across soft links.

Thanks to:
    Nate Itkin <> (Per Hedeland) (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
    "Brian T. Wightman" <>

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