SUMMARY: Looking for keyboard and video extension cables

From: Brett Lymn (
Date: Sat Jan 21 1995 - 04:45:25 CST

I previously wrote:

> I am looking for some extension cables for our Suns so that we
>can rack mount the actual boxes and put the heads/keyboards elsewhere.
>We are looking for cables in the region of 15' to 20' but cannot
>source them anywhere that we know of. I think that I have seen
>something about this before but, of course, I did not need that info
>then - now I do :-( So can anyone help me out with a supplier? In
>Australia would be excellent!

To which I got an overwhelming response!

Some people have used custom cabling (which is what we will try

Others pointed me to the following vendors:

       For those interested in much greater cable lengths, you might want
to call -
        Lightwave Communications, Inc.
        84 Reasearch drive
        Milford, CT 06460
        Philip Franceschini
        Phone : (203) 874-9838

        Graphics Computer Systems Pty Ltd, Australia
        Ph: +61-3-888-8522 Fax: +61-3-808-9151

        NuData, Inc.
        32 Fairview Ave.
        Little Silver, NJ 07739-9976
        (908) 842-5757

        INMAC (UNIX SELECT) 1-800-323-6905

        CABLExpress corporation at 1-315-476-3100.

        Ultra Spec Cables, Inc., 170 Oberlin Ave. North,
        Lakewood, NJ 08701 (1-800-622-2537)

        FORCE COMPUTERS Inc, (408) 369-6000 and ask for customer service

And you can get them from Sun even! viz:

        I have just ordered 4.5m (14.8') 13w3 monitor cable (#530-1509)
        and 4.6m (15.1') keyboard cable (#530-1479) for my SPARC
        Classic from Sun. I'm not shure that these part numbers
        will work for your system but you could try SUN Telesales
        here in oz 008 066 677.

A lot of people sent me a bit from the Sun Flashback (my eyes must
have glazed over before I got to that bit of the SunFlash ;-) which

 BUSINESS SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL are pleased to announce the
 immediate availability of "Sun Video Link". Sun Video link allows you to
 remotely locate a Sun Monitor and Keyboard at a distance of up to 500ft
 from the system unit using standard category 5 unshielded twisted pair
 cable. "Sun Video Link" was developed for the trading floor markets and
 allows workstations to be rack mounted in a computer room with the video
 and keyboard signals being distributed to the trading floor over existing
 structured cabling. Business Systems International are the premiere supplier
 of Sun systems to the major international trading floors.
Vendor 7008. Send email to with 7008 in the Subject
line to get the latest contact information for this vendor.

The Sun Video Link Solution consists of a transmitter and receiver
located at each end of the Twisted Pair cable. The transmitter and
receiver units are available as standalone units or can be rack-mounted
in groups of twelve in a aluminium single height 19" cage. The
rack-mount unit is powered by an internal 110/240 volts power supply
which can also supply power to the individual receiver units over pins
7 & 8 of the RJ45 cable.

Sun Video Link supports screen resolutions up to 1600x1200 and is compatible
with all Sun SPARCstation and servers.

Sounds like a very interesting device!

Many thanks to all these people for taking the time to send me the

        "Christopher A. Stewart" <>
        Calum Mackay <>
        Paul Whyte <> (Jeff Tate X2789)
        mcegate! (Mike Daffey) (Julian Dryden) (Bill Quayle) (Halvard Halvorsen) (Butch Deal NRL)
        Bill D <100016.2320@CompuServe.COM>
        Gustavo Vegas <gustavo@Microchip.COM> (Robert Tag) (Robert J. Cronin)
        bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern)
        andrewb@gecko.crufad.unsw.EDU.AU (Andrew Baillie)
        ken@rocky.alaska.opensys.COM (Ken Lamoreaux)
        Jonathan Peacock - Systems Management <>
        Robert Sargent <> (Sean Ward) (Dirk Boenning) (Bismark Espinoza) (Mark Sigler)
        lisa@fci.COM (Lisa Zenobi) (Stephen Waelder)

And anyone I may have missed!

BTW I have the full text for all the responses if anyone wants a
complete copy (including prices from some vendors...)

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, AWA Defence Industries
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