SUMMARY: help needed with HP 4mm DAT

From: Abdi M. Oday (
Date: Fri Jan 20 1995 - 05:22:26 CST

My original question is listed below. Basically I had two problems

        1. mt -f /dev/rst0 returned that the tape was an exabyte 8500.

ANSWER: from Jochen Bern []

        strings - `which mt` | grep xab returns:

                Exabyte EXB-8200 8mm
                Exabyte EXB-8500 8mm

It appears that mt has the contents of stdef.h and st_conf.c

        2. Dumping to the new drive using "dump" was causing SCSI
           errors, but "tar" and "dd" worked fine.

ANSWER: from your truly
        SCSI cable length. I moved the drive to the second scsibus
        with far less cable length (ie 0) and it worked like a charm.

Don't know why dump was exposing the problem though.

> Hello sun managers. I'm trying to install an HP 4mm DDS HP1553. It
> is part of an HP stacker using the artecon staker ver 2.0.
> I have a couple of problems with it.
> 1. When the kernel boots, it properly returns an HP 4mm, but
> "mt -f /dev/rst0" returns "exabyte 8500"! I've removed
> all mention of an exabyte in
> /usr/sys/scsi/targets/{stdef.h,st_conf.c}
> but the problem still remains.
> 2. When I run dump using a block size of 126, I get a write
> error and SCSI errors are printed to the console. Tar
> works fine though.
> The machine this is running on is a sparc 20 running sunos 4.1.3
> Any help would be appriciated including what all of the recommened
> flags to dump are for a 4mm of this type.
> thanks.
> p.s. I'll summarize answers.
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