SUMMARY: how to allow users mount cd-rom?

From: --Jesse Adam (jaa@geog.GEOG.UCSB.EDU)
Date: Wed Jan 18 1995 - 17:42:52 CST

my question was how to allow users without root privilege to mount
(and then exportfs) a cd-rom filesystem
i received many replies and most of them suggested to get a program
called "mntdisk" which has nice tools for mounting floppy and cd-rom.
mntdisk's tool that deals specifically with cd-rom drive is called

an suid program i've written doesn't work for regular users and many
pointed out that /usr/etc needs to be in the $PATH when running the
program. in that program, i've null-ed out all environmental variables
due to a security bug i discovered. you can explicitly set the path
by using "putenv()" or making the "execle()" system call

two kind souls have given permission to put up their own programs
for anonymous ftp. the host is "" and the file
is "mountcdrom"

thanks to the following helpful people who have responded to my
questions (it's interesting to note that almost all responses came
from outside the u.s. :-)

Frank Henderson
Ruud van Poelgeest
Claus Assmann
Marcel Bernards
Anthony Worrall
Dave Hightower
Nico Garcia
Sean Coleman
Peter Allan
Todd LeRoy
John Stelling
Todd Pfaff
Michael Sullivan
Gordon Rowell
Klaus Ripke
Eckhard Rueggeberg
"Birger A. Wathne"
Anthony Worrall
Don Lewis
Per Hedeland

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