SUMMARY: Serial Port on Sparc 20

From: Mr T Crummey (
Date: Wed Jan 18 1995 - 07:21:03 CST

Hello Sun Managers,

Thanks for the responses. Many people suggested getting the splitter cable
from SUN Express, but I didn't want to spend 40 pounds on something I had
nearly built myself anyway. The Sparc 20 serial ports are almost the same
as the ELC ports (which I had documentation for), but port B had more signals
on the 20. I enclose the posting from Anthony Worral at Reading University
which gives the pinout. It is also given in the "Desktop SPARC Hardware
Owners Manual" Dec 92 Appendix C which I don't have for some reason.

Thanks go to:
"Carlyn M. Lowery" <>
"Steve Elliott" <> (Anthony Worrall)
Salvatore Saieva <> (Hoff Miller)

>From the "Desktop SPARC Hardware Owners Manual" Dec 92 Appendix C

 1 Not Connected
 2 TD port A
 3 RD port A
 4 RTS port A
 5 CTS port A
 6 DSR port A
 7 Ground
 8 DCD port A
 9 Not Connected
10 Not Connected
11 DTR port B
12 DCD port B
13 CTS port B
14 TD port B
15 TC input port A
16 RD port B
17 RC port A
18 TC input port B
19 RTS port B
20 DTR port A
21 Not Connected
22 Not Connected
23 Not Connected
24 TC output port A
25 TC output port B

Note port A supports Sycn and Async port B Async only.
You may need to put the model on ttya amd the console on ttyb

SUn Express sell such a cable for 40 pounds X987A or 530-1869/C8


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