Summary - Cut and Paste

Date: Tue Jan 17 1995 - 22:15:35 CST

Thanks to, whom gave the responce that I was
looking for:

Put this in your .Xdefaults:

Xterm*VT100.Translations: #override\n\
        <KeyPress> L6 : select-end(CLIPBOARD)\n\
        <KeyPress> L8 : insert-selection(CLIPBOARD)

This will allow xterm to understand the Cut & Paste keys (and actually
the Copy key seems to work as well).

Other answers:


In my .text_extras_menu file I have defined

        "XPaste" xv_get_sel
to copy from an x window to a cmdtool.
hope this helps some.

Another solution suggested was to use xcutsel, but my feeble mind could not
seem to make it work as advertized.

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