SUMMARY: dump or tar ?

From: Taeko Thompson (
Date: Tue Jan 17 1995 - 04:46:28 CST

This is the summary of the responces I got
for my question posted about 1 months ago.
I am sorry for posting this so late.

Almost all responces said I should use "dump"
to backup and "restore" to restore filesystems.
I guess I did not write my question clearly
in my original posting.
That is: Does sun3's 'restore' recognize
dumped file systems created on sun4 ?
I think this must be very silly question.
I will just try and see if it works.

I would like to thank the following

Ken Erickson
Jay Lessert
Perry Hutchison
Nico Garcia
Rocky Gould
Daniel Hurtubise
Lenny Turetsky
Markus Buchhorn
Jochen Bern
Stan Hoffman
Harish Malneedi
Cheri Paavola
Louis M. Brune
Anchi Zhang
Harleigh R Fairall
Mike Fischbein

Thank you very much for your responce.

------------ Original Question --------------------------
Hello, People.

I am sorry if this is silly silly question to you. But I am a little confused and
I do not have anybody I can ask around here.

I will have to move the all files in three filesystems on sun4 (SunOS4.1.3) machine
to one filesystem on sun3 machine (SunOS4.1.1).
I was thinking to use 'dump' command to dump all three filesystems on sun4 machine
on a tape and use 'restore' with full restore optinon on sun3 machine to restore
files from the tape(three times).
Is this going to work? Or should I use a 'tar' to archive files in a tape.
Which methods is better ?
I can not transfer files through network since the network will be down
at that time. The filesystem on sun3 which will have data transfered from sun4
will be mounted on sun4 and those data will be used on sun4 machine.


Taeko Thompson
Phone:  206-451-6238

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