SUMMARY: How to free up disk space reserved by root.

From: Matt Sherek (
Date: Tue Jan 10 1995 - 09:10:46 CST

As I said in my original posting, this was an easy one. I think I was the only
person on this list that didn't know. I received ALOT of replies so I won't be
able to thank them all for their answers.

Original Posting:

> I'd like to reclaim the 10% of disk space that root reserves on each disk and
> give it back to the users. How do I do that?
> gd002e0:/export/disk2 1952573 1757326 0 100% /home/sysadm
> I have almost 200M which I can't use.
> I know this will be an easy one so I appreciate any help you may have

tunefs for existing partitions.
newfs for new partitions.
Both take the -m option which will set the minfree of the partition.

NOTE: Many people warned that this will cause serious performance problems
if the % drops below 5. This is due to the way the Unix Fast Filestystem uses
the space. More research will have to be done, but as usual I got the answer
I needed.


Matt Sherek
Fingerhut Companies

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