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Date: Tue Jan 10 1995 - 02:56:20 CST

Hy sun-managers outside !!!!

I've been very surprised that I'll get so quick that many answers for my
So many thanks to following people who gave me good information:

First my original question:

>Hello Sun Managers,
>I've set up a Sparc Classic to Solaris 2.4 and now I've some problems.
>My enviroment doesn't come up as it did in Solaris 2.3.
>I can't start sunsolve, the filemanager doesn't come up automatically
>and also the answerbook-navigator doesn't start.
>In my console I get following messages:
>mailtool: Could not initialize Tool Talk: TT_ERR_NOMP (1033): ttsession is not running
>Starting AnswerBook Navigator...
>Can't initialize tooltalk
>Could not initialize tooltalk (tt_open): TT_ERR_NOMP No ttsession process is running, probably because tt_open() has not been called yet. If this code is returned from tt_open() it means ttsession cou
>By starting sunsolve I get the message " RPC: unknown host " in the console.
>I'm remembering having the same problems by installing Solaris 2.3, but there
>the workarround was to write both, the long and the nickname in the local host-
>file. I did this again on Solaris 2.4 ....but without success.
>Perhapes somebody out can help.......
>Thanks Joerg

Here are the answers:


In 2.4 library-names are changed. Perhapes you have a 2.3 installation from
OpenWindows under /local.
If you install openwin from 2.4-CD and set $OPENWINHOME you can use 2.3
compiled programs without any problems.


--->My installation was completely new from 2.4-CD, so this could not be the


There was a patch for Sol 2.3, perhapes they didn't change in 2.4.

        Ciao Hermann

--->He also offered a lot of patches to me. Thank's I'll check them.



        Greetings! The only thing I could think of is to try starting open
windows with the -noauth option:
1) Before you login to openwindows:
% cd /usr/openwin/bin
% openwin -noauth

---> I'm running openwindows already with -noauth option, so this couldn't
     be the fault.


Please summarize on this, I've had similar problems.

---> I hope this summary will help you.


This may kind of a silly question but, is your primary hostname (in /etc/hosts)
the same as the name in /etc/hostname.le0. Did you edit out some of the
software selections during the build that are dependant upon your environment?

I loaded Solaris 2.4 with the usual minor problems, although I never could
get the "upgrade" to work, had to do a new install instead.

---> I've checked all your proposal but everything is OK on this system.


As you already noted, the problem arises because you choose 'no network'
during the installation procedures. Even though you are not
hooed up to a network, it's always a good idea to install it as a
'networked' machine because UNIX is a networking OS, and many utilities
are built around this dependance.

Putting the hostname in the 'hosts' table will solve part of the problem.
Did you set up your '/etc/hostname.le0' and '/etc/nodename' files?

A proper set up will have both hostname.le0 and nodename containing
just your hostname. Your hosts file will contain a loopback address,
plus an IP address for your machine with the same hostname as found
in hostname.le0.

For example, if your machine is called 'chunky', this is what it should
look like:

hostname.le0 and nodename:

hosts: localhost chunky

The IP address for chunky is whatever your IP address is (if you have one).
If you don't, and is not hooked up to any network, just arbitrarily assign

---> I've also checked your suggestion, but I've done all this already.


Check your nsswitch.conf file, esp. the the hosts line.


---> I checked this file and by doing this I've found out the problem !!!!

     Our host-table is distributed over NIS+ and in the nismap no loghost is
     defined. The loghost is defined on each machine in the local

     /etc/inet/hosts file. This worked fine on all our machines in the network

     (SunOS 4.1 -4.3 and Solaris 1.1 -2.3). But it didn't work with Sol 2.4.

     By checking the nsswitch.conf -file I changed the line:

     hosts: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files to:

     hosts: nisplus files


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