SUMMARY: problem tracking tool

From: Ayrton Sargusingh (
Date: Tue Jan 10 1995 - 05:13:12 CST

Hi all:

I thought I had sent a summary out, but yet I received several requests
for one so here goes. I apologize if it is repetitious.

I sent an email out requesting info on problem tracking tools. There
are many tools out there and many more pieces of info. I was bogged
down reading all the stuff about the four tools I had selected on my
short list.

Some of the tools were highly regarded. REQ, PROBLEM, PTS, and GNATS
made it to my short list based on flexibility and performance. PROBLEM
was the least flexible. While it worked well, I needed something more
elaborate. Still, it made it on my short list because I got it working
first. If all else failed, I would use it.

Finally, I selected GNATS. Feature for feature, it seems to be more
flexible and more robust than the rest. I cannot say that the others
weren't good, they have their applications. I liked PTS. Unfortunately
it would not compile on my Sun, although I tried tweaking it -- the fix
wasn't obvious. The author explained that he didn't have a Sun to test
it on. However a new version was in the works. REQ was based on Perl.
There were some good things about REQ, but some others that did not
match my requirements. REQ got second place.

So far I am pleased with GNATS. Certainly, however, I didn't think that
problem managers would be based on email. I was expecting something
with a character-based user interface. However, it does work well.

If anyone wants more detailed info, I'd be happy to provide it.

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