From: joe merola (
Date: Mon Jan 09 1995 - 12:52:03 CST

Greetings, managers,

First, let me apologize for a possibly inappropriate question. I would not
be posting this summary, except that other sun-managers subscribers mailed
me requesting a summary. As there appears to be interest, so be this posting.

I received 24 answers, 1 reprimand, and a rather large smattering of me-too's.

Original Question:

> Does anyone know if there is a version of NetScape available
> for SunOS 4.1.3 and/or SunOS 5.x ...and an ftp site ?

 The predominant answer -

 Netscape for Sun is available from in /pub/netscape/unix

 I was also advised of a FAQ, URL is -

Thanks to all, credits below.
...and again, apologies where appropriate (I *do* see your point).

Joe Merola
Norden Systems Inc. Computer Aided Engineering
Norwalk, CT


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