SUMMARY: UDP and Solaris Problems

From: William Hiscox (
Date: Sat Jan 07 1995 - 02:31:23 CST

Original Problem:

> I cannot read UDP packets as reliably under Solaris 2.3 (or 2.4) as I
> could under Sunos 4.1.3.
> Info:
> 1. I have side by side sparc 10 model 41s, one running 4.1.3, the other
> 2.4 all on the same subnet. An application designed to read UDP packets
> (from a 3rd machine) runs on both machines. Each UDP packet has an
> embedded sequence number. The 4.1.3 machine does not miss a packet.
> The 2.4 machine misses packets regularily.

Thanks to:

Solution (sort of):

The UDP packets are the result of realtime data collection from 100
sensors located thoughout the United States. These packets funnel
through a PC for distribution. When I switched to a backup PC, the
problem went away (after 2 weeks looking for the problem elsewhere).

I still cannot explain why a solaris machine lost UDP packets, while an
identical 4.1.3 machine had no problems. And I cannot explain the
differences in PCs as they use identical hardware and software. The
problem may lie at a lower level (hardware/firmware and rev levels)
than I am willing to explore.

Suggestions received helped me understand Solaris better:

1. Use of ndd to configure /dev/tcp /dev/udp
2. Differences in 4.1.3 and solaris (udp checksums for example)
3. Use of snoop.
4. The new world of applying and testing patches.

Lesson learned:

1. Connectionless protocols like UDP are important to us. However,
applications that use UDP must be able to detect dropped packets.
Without sequence numbers embedded in each packet, I would never
have known there was a problem.

2. Critical apps need to be tested against any new patches before being
released! My test programs changed behavior after applying patches.

Bill Hiscox


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