SUMMARY: Sun OnLine DiskSuite 1.0

From: Ayrton Sargusingh (
Date: Fri Jan 06 1995 - 20:26:02 CST


>I just got a copy of Sun's Online DiskSuite 1.0 only to find that it
>supports only SunOS 4.1.1 and 4.1.2. When I tried to install it a
>message appeared saying that is was incompatible with my current OS
>version. I'm at SunOS 4.1.3_U1 and plan to upgrade to 4.1.4 by the end
>of the month. What is going on? Is this the latest copy of DiskSuite? I
>find it hard to believe I would be shipped an old copy. The CD case
>says Revision A, Sept 1991. That seems kinda old to me. I have a call
>into Sun and Digidyne (the supplier) about this, but so far no response.


I got lots of responses from many people including:

Casper Dik <> (Jamie Mackenzie)
Nate Itkin <>
Gordon Rowell <> (Dan Lorenzini) (Han Tunca) (Daniel S. Notov)
ken@alaska.opensys.COM (Ken Lamoreaux) (Steve Lee)
Daniel E. Zegarac" <>

Most people told me that ODS 1.0 Rev A (Sep 1991) 'should work' with
SunOS 4.1.3_U1 and 4.1.4, but to watch for OS bug fixes and patches.
Daniel Zegarac mentioned there may be rpc.lockd errors, but to copy
rpc.lockd_413 to rpc.lockd:

        Just take the original version (now named rpc.lockd_413) and
        place it back in the rpc.lockd. This should fix the lockd

Unfortunately, Daniel, I do not quite understand this 'fix'. Please

Steve Lee came up with a different response:

        My guess is that it's a broken script that is only looking for
        4.1.1 and 4.1.2 for the OS level. However, ODS 2.0 is available
        for 4.1.3, and there's a new ODS 3.0 that was just announced a
        couple of months ago.


Most said there is only version 1.0 Rev A (Sept 1991) for Solaris 1.x
(SunOS 4.1.x). ODS 2.0 and 3.0 are only for Solaris 2.x. Until I hear
from Sun, my guess is that the one I have is the only version that will
run under Solaris 1.x, and that I should persue all necessary patches
to the OS and then ignore the version warnings when running the
installation. Since I am due for an upgrade to 4.1.4, I think I will
upgrade the OS first then pursue ODS. If it bombs under 4.1.4 I'll be
sure to ship ODS back to Sun for a full refund.

I think Sun's support of Solaris 1.x really stinks. I feel like a
second class citizen. But if people like me didn't exist (i.e., Solaris
1.x users), the only Sun there would be is the one that shines! When I
called Sun's Canadian hotline 800-722-4SUN, I was told after a lot of
runaround that they cannot help me and I should contact my local
supplier. Pitiful!

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