SUMMARY: Problem with mail

From: Rashad Al-Yawir (
Date: Thu Jan 05 1995 - 02:16:37 CST

Hi managers,

two weeks ago I asked,

> I have a little problem with our mail. When I try to send mail from a station
> other than the mailhost outside our domain the From field will have
> From:
> instead of
> From:
> Our mailhost is sparc2 running sunos 4.1.1, the stations running solaris 2.3.
> Mail configuration in our domain look as the follow :
> mailhost running sendmail as a daemon with
> stations without sendmail running as daemon with

It seems that a restart of the mailhost resolve the problem. I don`t exactly know
what happend, but every thing work fine now.

Thanks to
        John Hearns
        Bismark Espinoza
        Robert Tag

and here is the answered I got :

from (John Hearns - System Manager)

You need to change such that the From field is the
local host. Look for the line:

DlFrom $g $d


H?F?From: $q

and fix it up so that it uses the "correct" name. You may want to pick up
a copy of the O'Reilly sendmail nutshell "bat" book for more info -- the
specifics depend on your file.


from (Bismark Espinoza)

The of your workstations is
not stripping off the host part and replacing it
with the overall domain.

Do a 'diff' on both files to see the differences.

from (Robert Tag)

Please post your aliases file in /etc for that will help
diagnose the problem.
Also if there is a different constradiction in OS'S that may
be giving you that problem.
Are you running OWLM ???

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