SUMMARY: rsh hanging SPARC10

From: Brian Brennan (
Date: Thu Jan 05 1995 - 02:38:44 CST


  Original Posting:
  We have a SUNW,SPARCstation-10, running OS4.1.3, DBE1.3 and Online
  Disksuite, which regularly hangs when servicing a rcmd(rsh) received from
  another server. One is able to ping the machine and also receive a login
  prompt at the console but unable to login.

  I received replies from the following:

  sunrise!denali! (Don Lenamond) (Sanford Whitehouse)

  For my particular problem I suspect Don Lenamond has given me the answer,
  although Sanford came up with some useful things to check and I have
  appended his reply to the end of this.

  Don pointed me in the direction of two patches, viz
  101673-01 and 100178-09

  I think 100178-09 will be the answer to my problem as we already have the
  earlier patch 100178-08 applied which apparently had problems:-

  Update -09 [Feb 7, 1994]
  The update 08 for this patch has a problem that all of the children
  forked from inetd also have their file descriptors limit raised and this
  causes problem of file descriptors.

  My sincere thanks for both replies

  Sanford Whitehouse's suggested probabilties:-

  rsh is probably hanging while waiting for a password.

  For rsh make sure there is a an entry for the incoming host is
  in the user's .rhosts file. If the .rhosts entry is there and
  correct check permissions. If the file is owned by root, for
  example, and not readable by anyone it won't do any good.

  If you are using /etc/hosts.equiv (I hear it's not a
  good idea) check that the entry for the incoming host is

  If you are running NIS and can't log in make sure that the system
  is able to read the NIS maps. If that is ok check the NIS map
  passwd entry and compare it to the entry on the NIS master. If
  that is correct check the passwd file on the system you are trying
  to get to for a duplicate passwd entry with a different password.
  Also check if the "+::0:0:::" is at the end of the passwd file.

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