SUMMARY: arch problems

From: Juergen Rothenanger (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1993 - 08:59:04 CST

Hello Sun-Managers,

thanks to, who responded.

My original question was:

> Hi Sun-Managers,
> I have an IPX with SunOS 4.1.3.
> After booting the machine, the command arch returns 'unknown', arch -k
> returns also 'unknown'. I think, I havn't changed anything.
> So, some programs could not be loaded. This situation is really bad and
> I don't know, where I can look to delete the mistake.
> Thanks in advance. I'll summarize.
> Juergen

The solution was really simple, after reading the mails.

All links in /usr/kvm seemed to be correct.
/bin/arch -> ../kvm/arch
/usr/kvm/sun -> ../bin/true
/usr/kvm/sun4c -> ../bin/true

The rest of the /usr/kvm links to ../bin/false

The problem was simply, that ../bin/true and ../bin/false doesn't
exist. I copied it and all works fine.

Thanks to who responed:
Rudy Nickolov <> (Guy Cole)
Pat Cain (Denver) <pjc@denver.ssds.COM> (Steffen Grunewald) (Wolfgang Kuehnel)
Richard Butler <>

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