SUMMARY: problem building NIS map for mail.aliases

From: David Way (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1993 - 23:47:58 CST

Sun Managers,

On Friday, December 3, 1993, I wrote:

> Seems like I've seen this problem posted to the list before, but I don't
> recall seeing a summary.
> The following happens when I attempt to yppush the NIS map for /etc/aliases
> on our 4/490 running 4.1.1:
>> 43 aliases, longest 895 bytes, 3629 bytes total
>> /usr/etc/yp/mkalias /var/yp/`domainname`/mail.aliases /var/yp/`domainname`/mail.byaddr;
>> rm /var/yp/`domainname`/mail.aliases;
>> updated aliases
>> Can't bind master to send ypclear message to ypserv for map mail.aliases.
>> Status received from ypxfr on astro:
>> Failed - no local order number in map - use -f flag to ypxfr.
>> pushed aliases
> It acts like mkalias makes an error when building the map for mail.aliases,
> which yppush objects to. Note that the map for mail.byaddr is built and
> pushed successfully, along with all the other maps. Anyone have a clue ?

I got 3 responses, which are attached. Two of them suggest the problem
might lie in sendmail's configuration file, such that it isn't in
agreement with the NIS's notion of what the hostname is. This doesn't
appear to be the case; however, we use Berkeley sendmail, and our config
file is definitely not vanilla - maybe that's a factor somehow. The third
response suggests what appears to be a more radical solution involving
ypset, which I've never used and prefer to evaluate before I do. At this
time, the problem in question is still unresolved. Many thanks to the

stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer) (Wolfgang Leideck) (Dr. Rainer Blaes)

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>From stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM Sat Dec  4 23:06:21 1993
Posted-Date: Sun, 5 Dec 93 00:06:01 EST

make sure your server/domain name in sendmail (the $w macro) agrees with the master server name.

part of building the alias map is to run sendmail -i on the master server, which inserts a *new* master record name into the map. if the sendmail config has a strange name for the server, or uses a FQDN (which the local host doesn't grok), you'll see messages like this

--hal -- >From Mon Dec 6 02:16:08 1993 Posted-Date: Mon, 6 Dec 93 08:24:35 +0100

Hello. I've posted this question to this group month ago but i couldn't summarize because there was no solution. Some people wrote me that i must look if the master's hostname is proper set in the /etc/hosts and /etc/ file. Others told me to change the order of the hostnames in ypservers. But nothing works. I hope you will get the solution.

Bye Wolfgang

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Had the same problem and solved it by

1. killing the ypbind process 2. ypbind -ypset 3. ypset NIS master

on the NIS master. Then I re-run /var/yp/make. Greetings Rainer

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