From: Mike Flynn (mike@magma.COM)
Date: Mon Dec 06 1993 - 21:47:16 CST

Some people were very helpful. Some interest. I will post this request on the
lists below and not any further such requests on the sun-managers list.

>Does anyone reading this have a used Sun Sparc 2 they would not mind parting
>with for a fair price? I will consider one with a monitor and frame buffer,
>but they are not essential. I can put my own SCSI drive in so I don't
>need a disk drive. Memory is not a major concern either. I'll sumarize if
>anyone is interested.

edguer@alpha.CES.CWRU.Edu use
                                      comp.sys.sun.wanted and other helps use very thorough list of many suppliers same interest has an IPC for sale Apex Computer
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