SUMMARY: Dead 4/110; System Board Replaced; Still Dead

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1993 - 22:48:39 CST

Last week, I wrote:

>I have a dead 4/110, and my FE handbook doesn't show the particular
>combination of LED diagnostics that is displayed. The display is:
>0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
>x o o x o o o x
>("x" means "on")
>The only combination which shows 0 and 3 on and the rest off suggests
First, thanks to:
>result, I replaced the CPU board. HOwever, I'm still getting the same (Michael Harris - Portfolio Analysis) (Anthony Worrall)

Second, let me add my voice to those begging members of this list to
avoid non-critical and test messages (not to mention repeated postings
of the same message) to this list. It took a week (!) for this truly
critical posting to land back in my mailbox. Please, folks, read the
list charter, which just appeared in my mailbox today!

Michael suggested that the diagrams of the 4/110 LED's in the FE
handbook are backwards. Anthony suggested a video RAM problem, which
is what putting a terminal on the serial port and running the
extended diagnostics turned up. Replacing the P4 graphics adaptor
took care of the problem. (For those unfamiliar with the extended
diagnostics, attaching an ascii terminal on serial port A, switching
the rocker switch on the back of the 4/110 to "diag," and booting
brings them up.)

As an aside, let me add that the people at Polaris Service allowed
me a full credit for the CPU board they exchanged on the first

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