SUMMARY: SS1+ boot problem, please help

From: Andreas Junklewitz (
Date: Sun Nov 28 1993 - 11:14:12 CST

 Hi netters,

my original posting was (in short terms):

My SS1+ refuse to boot anymore. The harddisk seems to be o.k. and is
running (no "stickation" problem). The Sparc shows the SUN-Logo with the
appropriate text (host-id and ethernet number ...) and all the diag messages
on /dev/ttya show no failures. But nothing else happens!
I cannot enter the PROM monitor by pressing STOP-A!

The solution is:

I had a blown fuse in the SCSI buss line. It was the SCSI termination fuse
on the motherboard. This 2A/125V fuse is located on the bottom on the right of
the motherboard.

Mr. John DiMarco writes:
If the machine comes up properly when an externally terminated device is
attached to the SCSI bus, this is almost certainly the problem.

Sorry, that I didn't check the fuses properly. There was no visible sign of
failure and I didn't use my ohmmeter. This was my fault.

Thank you very much for your answers:

Mr. Guy Cole (

Mr. John DiMarco (

Mr. Gary Sanders (

Mr. Snoball (

With best regards,

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