SUMMARY: Screen Blank

From: Eladio Perez Jr. (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1993 - 23:02:47 CST

> Did anybody experienced screen blanking with their SPARCClassics?
> My group leader installed Solaris 2.2 to our newly purchased SPARCclassic
> in July, the machine came with the default resolution (1024x768x76).
> We were able to run X windows with these setup then. But when he left
> for the US for a business trip, we changed the resolution to 1152x900.
> We were still able to run X windows. But just this month we reconfigured
> the system by repartitioning the hard disk and reinstalled Solaris 2.2.
> Of course we have to reconfigure the system again for X Windows, which
> until now is not yet running well then just this day I tried to do
> an xinit call then there was an error, it says something like error
> on cg3, i don't remember the error anymore. Then I stopped the system
> by pressing Stop-A and changed the resolution of the 16-inch monitor
> to 1024x768, then when "ok prompt" reappeared i issued a "boot"
> command. But then after some flickering the monitor
> went blank. All I can see is black. I tried to power-off the system
> but still after some flickerings on the screen it went black again.
> Did anybody experienced this problem? It seems that the system did not boot
> because when i tried to ping to that system after some minutes, it is not
> responding. I checked the cbling but all are connected well, and I did not
> touch any cables when i changed the resolution.

We solved the problem by resetting the boot-prom of the system.
We did this by pressing the Stop-N key while the machine is off and
then power it up.

I would like to say thanks to the ff. for their help:

Ron C. Russel <>
Angus Siu <>

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