SUMMARY: Ftp access denied

From: Eladio Perez Jr. (
Date: Wed Nov 24 1993 - 21:41:58 CST

Thanks to all those who responded to my posting. We can now use ftp to
transfer files to and from the system.

>We have a SPARC 2 running SunOS 4.1.3 in which before we can
>use ftp. Then suddenly we were not able to ftp to it, but
>we can in the other way. From the SPARC 2 (ntps1) we can
>transfer files to other hosts using ftp but on the other
>way, ftp from other hosts to this host (ntps1) is not possible.
>The following is an output from an ftp session on ntps3 (Classic)
>to ntps1 :
>(ntps3:/home/root) ftp ntps1
>Connected to ntps1.
>220 ntps1 FTP server (SunOS 4.1) ready.
>Name (ntps1:root):
>530 User root access denied.
>Login failed.
>ftp> user perez
>530 User perez access denied.
>Login failed.
>Do you know if which files should we look for to solve this problem?

The answer is to check for the files /etc/shells and /etc/ftpusers.
The /etc/shells file should contain entries for all the shells used by
all users. In our case the entries in the /etc/shells file doens't
reflect the exact path of the shells we are using, so by now we changed
it to contain the exact path of all the shell we have. The /etc/ftpusers
file should not contain entries for users that needs to use ftp.

We can already use ftp by this time. However we still have some problems
on it. Whenever we transfer file from other hosts to this host using ftp,
the owner of the files changes from the original owner to "root".

Thank you.

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