SUMMARY: dialup login as root fails

From: Bill Hunter [Sun Instructor / Support] (bill@Access.COM)
Date: Tue Nov 23 1993 - 09:04:54 CST


i received no solution on this; mostly just people who don't know
how the ttytab "secure" label behaves. i received about 30 replies
trying to tell me that "secure" means you cannot log in as root;
this is wrong, it actually means your machine is secure and you DO
ALLOW root logins on that port.

doing an octal dump [od(1)] didn't reveal anything, and
gettytab is also fine.

apparently my original posting was confusing to people.

I WANT TO ALLOW root logins on this particular modem.

YES, I AM AWARE of the security hole this creates.

i just want to know why i cannot achieve this.
someone from sun said it is a security feature.

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> is there something in 4.1.3 that would keep me from logging
> into a system via a modem on ttya as root? the /etc/ttytab
> entry is as follows,
> ttya "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown on local secure
> and when you dial up, the modem answers, gives you a login prompt,
> i type root, then the correct password, and it fails saying
> "password invalid".

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