SUMMARY: porting/trudging to SOS 5.x

From: Christian Lawrence (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1993 - 08:38:24 CST

Original inquiry
->This might be better posted, but I figured I better try any and all channels.
->I'm trying to get CenterLine CC/cc 2.0.2 to run with Purify 2.1 on SunOS 5.2.
->I have contacted both organizations without much headway.
->This is not the first time we've run into this type of problem which stems
->directly from unbundling the compiler - which we all have an opinion on.
->It seems that vendors are having a free-4-all packaging their products for
->the Solaris 2 platform. One uses R4 another uses R5. One uses SPARCcompiler
->another uses gcc. A royal pain in the tush ! Its beyond me why vendors would
->embed such dependencies when the permutations are numerous.
->IMHO, its just plain stupid (forget about arrogant) for a vendor to have
->overlooked this and to not have at least a I turn to y'all.
->If you have any useful insight into my current predicament, I would
->appreciate a reply.
I received a few replies on this one but none helped resolve the problem.
The specific problem here is that Purify must tell the C compiler to call
the Pure linker in place of /usr/ccs/bin/ld (or /bin/ld under Solaris 1).
Due to CenterLine's inability to provide a flag to specify what linker
to use, we hacked an initial workaround.
CenterLine's C compiler uses a config script that names the linker and
sets up the path where it looks for the linker/assembler/cpp/etc.
CenterLine's global config file (clcc.cnf) was changed to use a dummy linker
instead of "ld" as the linker. The new "linker" calls either /usr/ccs/bin/ld
or Purify's ld, depending upon whether an environment variable is set.
Purify's driver script was modified to set this variable before invoking
the C compiler.
Although this was not very elegant, it got us working. In the meantime,
CenterLine support was working an official workaround which is now available.
The new version of clcc supports the "-Qpath" flag. Thus, Purify can
call the C compiler with "-Qpath $PURIFYHOME/nld" and the compiler
will invoke Purify's linker rather than /usr/ccs/bin/ld. The new
version of clcc is available for anonymous FTP at
The file is called clcc_solaris2_931005.tar.Z.

Now we're on to the next chapter......which appears to be titled SunConnect....

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