SUMMARY - getting Exabyte 8500 fast scan speed to work under 4.1.3

From: Martin Frost (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 14:31:52 CST

We finally managed to get the fast scan working on our 4/670. Sun says
this feature is not supported, so they couldn't say how to do it. But I
found another system that we maintain (a SPARC 10) that was doing the fast
scan properly, so I just compared its kernel with the one that didn't work.

Now it's only two minutes to the end of the tape on the 8500! The patch
that we had made before (in 4.1.2) seemed finally to do the job. I'm not
sure why it wasn't working, but we might have made a second patch that was
somehow screwing things up. At the moment, though it is working and all we
had to do was add ST_KNOWS_EOD to the Exabyte 8500 entry in
/sys/scsi/targets/st_conf.c (and build and boot a new kernel) like this:

/* Exabyte 8mm 5GB cartridge */
        "Exabyte EXB-8500 8mm Helical Scan", 16, "EXABYTE EXB-8500",
        ST_TYPE_EXB8500, 1024,
        5000, 5000,
        { 0x14, 0x00, 0x8C, 0x8C },
        { 0, 0, 0, 0 }

Martin Frost		Computer Science Department, Computer Facilities
Systems Programmer	Stanford University, Stanford, CA  94305-2140

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