SUMMARY: Sun ELC 4.1.3 Watchdog Reset Window Underflow

From: Andy Finkenstadt (
Date: Sat Nov 20 1993 - 14:30:58 CST


Late last week I asked in part:
> I have a remote site in Seattle WA who is having bigtime problems with
> his system, ever since we (A) upgraded to 4.1.3 from 4.1.1b and (B)
> installed a new SCSI drive. I checked termination before installing,
> and disk reliability has been good.
> We now receive quite regularly the distressing message :
> Watchdog reset
> Window Underflow
> What causes this problem, and how can I fix it? I will summarize and
> hopefully not travel to Seattle again. :-)
> >
> Andy

This turned out to be a very simple problem requiring replacement of
the mother board of the ELC (a single board computer) and repair of
the old one for spare parts purposes. Many thanks for Solar Systems
in Seattle for helping my client out (and not gouging them on the
replacement board)

Thanks to Patrick Nolan, who included his similar problem fixed
earlier last month which did not apply to us since the ELC has no
slots :-), Lew Doll, who had the perfect solution for repair of
the "failed" board which is now a spare: replacement of the 100.00000MHZ
oscillator can, Brett Lyman who rightly pointed out that the version
of Ethershare in use out there is ancient ( duly
contacted), Dunstan Vavasour, John Bossert, and two others whose
email I just deleted by accident! :( (Norton Unerase for Sun? NOT!)


>> Date: Thu, 4 Nov 93 21:09:21 EST
>> From: (Lew Doll)
>> You probably need to replace the 100.0000MHz Oscilator on the CPU
>> board. Sun had a problem with a vendor. If you do not get into board level
>> repairs, it will take a board swap. I have replaced 25 of these modules
>> in a population of 212 IPC boards for Watchdog reset/BAD TRAP errors. The
>> window underflow is caused be getting a Watchdog reset while servicing a
>> watchdog reset. It then attempts to return from the zero'th register window
>> and the register window circular buffer underflows.
>> Lew Doll
>> Purdue University Computing Center

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