SUMMARY: printing from Solaris 2.2 to SunOS 4.x

From: Dr. Gilbert L. Crouse (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1993 - 11:20:26 CST

I wrote:
> I recently installed Solaris 2.2 on a SPARCclassic and I can't get printing
> to work. Everything appears to be fine on the Solaris side. The lpNet log
> files show that lpNet connects up to the SunOS host with out any problem.
> However, I get a message back:
> Your request QUEUE-34 destined for QUEUE
> was canceled by the lpsched daemon.
> Reason for failure:
> Remote status=13, canceled by remote system

Mike Rembis ( said that they
had also experience some problems printing from Solaris to a BSD host
and that patch 101025-08 to Solaris had fixed their problems.

Eric Falen ( said they had they same problem with their setup,
and that it was because they had a "-" (dash) in the printer name.
Since my printer queue also had a dash in its name this may have been
the cause.

Installing the patch to Solaris cured the problem. Thanks for the tip
Mike. Next time I'll look through the patch list.

Thanks again,
Gil Crouse

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