Summary: Help me find a pen for SPARC

From: Bill Robertson (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1993 - 08:07:21 CST

Thanks to: (Gary Stephens) who said:
I am forwarding your request to Terry Reynolds, who has been very
helpful in locating mouse alternatives for the SPARCstation. He
can be reached at (415) 543-7111 (email for
sales information.

The product to check is a Kurta XGT tablet. We are using the 12"
square model with a three button cordless pen. It replaces the
mouse for our openwindows applications.

and (John P. Wittkoski) who said:
Here are several that are listed in the 1993 Sun Catalyst book which seem
like they might meet your needs, with a very brief line or two from the
description of the product:

CalComp DrawingPad Digitizer. CalComp - Digitizer Division
        Scottsdale, AZ (602) 948-6540 or (800) 458-5888
        Drawing pad which can act as a pen input or emulate a mouse. p. 783.

Kurta IS/ONE. Kurta Corp. Phoenix, AX (602) 276-5533 or (800) 445-8782
        Drawing pad, concurrent mouse/pen opertions; switichable mouse and
        ADI driver. p. 791.

Kurta IS/Penmouse. Kurta Corp.
        Cordless mouse/pen for control, drawing, sketching. p. 791.

Summagraphics has several high end tablets. The descriptions don't mention
        mouse emulation, but you may want to call them just in case.
        Summagraphics Corporation, Seymour, CT (203) 881-5400 or (800) 729-7866

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