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Date: Wed Nov 10 1993 - 16:59:21 CST

The original request:

> This is probably very simple but I'm tearing my hair out.
> One of my users types out an email without hitting carriage
> return at the end of the line (it sraps on the screen), so
> when they print it out they lose everything after the wrap.
> Any ideas?


This is what I do: save the message to a file (I always call it "temp"
so that it always get overwritten). Then I go to a window (where I am
usually in my home directory) and type 'fmt temp | lpr'. Works great
and takes only seconds. One caveat: fmt destroys fancy indenting. You
could write your own line-wrapping program, however.

Try setting auto carriage return/linefeed on the printer. Most printers
will allow that. It works the same way on the printer that screen wrap
does on the screen. Might also have to look in the terminfo for the
printer (if you're using it) to be sure it understands what you're doing
.. . .

Tell him to select the body of the message and then do an "Extras" and
"format" on it.

Run it through "fmt -80" or "fmt -s -80"

Force him to do the line breaks himself by changing the editors
default line break behaviour. There is an Xdefault called
  text.lineBreak: Clip_lines
(I think the value is Clip_lines, but I'm not sure. We use
Wrap_char here, which could be helpful already in your situ-

In the properties section of mailtool it specifies the command to use
to print, try using one of these:

fold | mp | lpr
fmt -s | mp | lpr

The fold(1) or fmt(1) commands will wrap lines correctly before sending
it to the printer or whatever. fold breaks the line at a particular
width, fmt will break at word boundaries. Try them and see which one
you prefer.

set printmail="fold|lpr -p"

mp | lpr -P<Printer Name>

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