SUMMARY: SparcClassics and X11.R5

From: A Service Organization (
Date: Sun Nov 07 1993 - 14:37:53 CST

Indeed it is true, when you take this out of the box and install 4.1.3c
on it you must, at the boot prompt,

setenv output-device screen:r1152x900x66

in order for the frame buffer to be properly mapped by /usr/bin/X11/xinit

After changing this, X11.R5 works just fine.

Thanks to all that responded. I hope somebody at SUN is reading this
because its a bad sign that they neglected to tell me about this,
especially when I asked before I ordered the units.

Note: The default frame buffer resolution appears to be 1024x768x77; when
you change to the larger resolution and reboot, only the 1024x768 window will
be active, but when you fire up X, all the monitor's real estate is filled.

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