SUMMARY: Resources

From: Bill Murray (71213.2657@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat Nov 06 1993 - 09:42:46 CST

Here's the summary on beginning resources for UNIX.

>>I'm very new to unix, and just purchased a system 1000. SUN has inunadated
>>with manuals. I'm so new to UNIX that I don't know where to begin with Sun's
>>million's of manuals.
>>I need some BEGINNING RESOURCES ON UNIX. I'm not a beginner to computers.
>>Most everything I've read in Sun's manuals makes sense, it's just that there
>>so much of it and I don't know where to begin. I'm looking for some
>>material that will be like a jump start for UNIX users. I'm not looking for
>>anything heavy duty to replace my SUN manuals just something abridged. Any

I received about 75 responses for resources. I won't bore you with the names
that responded. About 6 of the files were 50k in length -- hardly what I would
call a jump start for a beginner in unix but someone did a lot of work. Thanks
to everyone for their responses. I'm impressed with this network of sun/unix

The overwhelming response was: buy "UNIX FOR THE IMPATIENT." So I did, I've
already read 50 pages of it and it is very helpful.

Thanks again.

--Bill Murray
MIS Manager
Arrowhead Business Machines Distributors, Inc.

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