SUMMARY: termcap entry for hpterm required

From: Dave Haywood (
Date: Fri Nov 05 1993 - 11:33:41 CST


  I asked for a way to import a definition of the HP/UX "hpterm" entry into a
SunOS 4.1.3 termcap file.

  By far the best solution is to use the infocmp -C command to export a
termcap ready definition of hpterm from the terminfo database.

  Here ios a summary of the replies I received. Thanks to all concerned.

From: Dave Fetrow <>

archie info2cap 01 Host

Location: /pub/unix/sys-utils/info2cap File -rwxrwxr-x 00005525 1991 Aug 14 00:00:00 GMT info2cap ---- From: Dan Seguin <>

Below, you'll find definitions for an hpterm, and a hp700/92 series.

Hope this helps.

.. dan seguin ..

----- Begin termcap defs --------- # hh|hpterm|hpterm 80x24:\ # basic stuff\ :is=\E&f0a1k16d2L f1 menu1 \Ep\ \E&f0a2k16d2L f2 menu2 \Eq\ \E&f0a3k16d2L f3 menu3 \Er\ \E&f0a4k16d2L f4 menu4 \Es\ \E&f0a5k16d2L f5 menu5 \Et\ \E&f0a6k16d2L f6 menu \Eu\ \E&f0a7k16d2L f7 go \Ev\ \E&f0a8k16d2L f8 end \Ew\ \E&jB:\ :co#80:li#24:bs:am:\ :cd=\EJ:ce=\EK:cl=\EH\EJ:\ :cm=\E&a%r%dc%dY:nd=\EC:\ # video enhancement stuff\ :rv=\E&dB:re=\E&d@:bl=\E&dA:be=\E&d@:bo=\E&dH:eb=\E&d@:\ :us=\E&dD:ue=\E&d@:ea=\E&d@:za=\E&dO:zb=\E&dL:zc=\E&dI:\ :zd=\E&dJ:ze=\E&dE:zf=\E&dF:zg=\E&dC:zh=\E&dM:zi=\E&dG:\ :zj=\E&dK:zk=\E&dN:eaw=\E&d@:\ # function keys stuff\ :ks=\E&s1A:ke=\E&s0A:\ :ky:kn#22:\ :k0=\Ep:k1=\Eq:k2=\Er:k3=\Es:k4=\Et:k5=\Eu:k6=\Ev:k7=\Ew:\ :k8=\EK:k9=\EJ:kA=\EL:kB=\EM:kC=\EQ:kD=\EP:kE=\Eh:\ :kF=\EV:kG=\EA:kH=\EU:kI=\EB:kJ=\EC:kK=\Ei:kL=\EF:\ # arrow keys stuff\ :ku=\EA:kd=\EB:kr=\EC:kl=\ED:\ # miscellaneous stuff\ :vs=100\E&s1A:ve=\E&s0A:\ :bt=\Ei:do=\EB:up=\EA:xs: # # END of hpterm definition H1|hp70092|HP70092|70092|hp2392|HP700/92 80 column mode:\ # basic stuff\ :is=\E&f0a1k16d2L f1 menu \Ep\ \E&f0a2k16d2L f2 menu1 \Eq\ \E&f0a3k16d2L f3 menu2 \Er\ \E&f0a4k16d2L f4 menu3 \Es\ \E&f0a5k16d2L f5 menu4 \Et\ \E&f0a6k16d2L f6 menu5 \Eu\ \E&f0a7k16d2L f7 go \Ev\ \E&f0a8k16d2L f8 end \Ew\ \E&jB:\ :co#80:li#24:bs:am:\ :cd=\EJ:ce=\EK:cl=\EH\EJ:\ :cm=\E&a%r%dc%dY:nd=\EC:\ # line drawing stuff\ :ld=:ls=^n:le=^o:\ :qa=g:qb=t:qc=r:qd=f:qe=/:qf=,:\ :qg=5:qh=6:qi=8:qj=7:qk=.:\ # video enhancement stuff\ :rv=\E&dB:re=\E&d@:bl=\E&dA:be=\E&d@:bo=\E&dH:eb=\E&d@:\ :us=\E&dD:ue=\E&d@:ea=\E&d@:za=\E&dO:zb=\E&dL:zc=\E&dI:\ :zd=\E&dJ:ze=\E&dE:zf=\E&dF:zg=\E&dC:zh=\E&dM:zi=\E&dG:\ :zj=\E&dK:zk=\E&dN:eaw=\E&d@:\ # function keys stuff\ :ks=\E&s1A:ke=\E&s0A:\ :ky:kn#21:\ :k0=\Ep:k1=\Eq:k2=\Er:k3=\Es:k4=\Et:k5=\Eu:k6=\Ev:k7=\Ew:\ :k8=\EK:k9=\EJ:kA=\EL:kB=\EM:kC=\EQ:kD=\EP:kE=\Eh:\ :kF=\EV:kG=\EA:kH=\EU:kI=\EB:kJ=\EF:kK=\Ei:\ # arrow keys stuff\ :ku=\EA:kd=\EB:kr=\EC:kl=\ED:\ # miscellaneous stuff\ :bt=\Ei:do=\EB:up=\EA:xs: \ # color :ya=\E&v0S:yb=\E&v1S:yc=\E&v2S:yd=\E&v3S:\ :ye=\E&v4S:yf=\E&v5S:yg=\E&v6S:yh=\E&v7S: # # END of HP700/92 definition #

----- End termcap defs --------- ---- From: (Dick St.Peters)

> Is there a infotocap utility?

infocmp -C ---- From: (Jacques Beigbeder)

That's /usr/5bin/infocmp (on a Sun). ---- From: (Tim Jordan)

I found this entry in my termcap file. I don't know whether or not it works, but give it a go anyway.

h5|hp|hpterm|hewlett-packard:\ :ct=\E3:st=\E1:do=^J:al=\EL:am:le=^H:bs:\ :cd=\EJ:ce=\EK:ch=\E&a%dC:cl=\EH\EJ:cm=6\E&a%r%dc%dY:\ :co#80:cv=\E&a%dY:da:db:dc=\EP:dl=\EM:ei=\ER:im=\EQ:\ :kb=^H:li#24:mi:nd=\EC:pt:se=\E&d@:so=\E&dJ:\ :us=\E&dD:ue=\E&d@:up=\EA:xs:vt#6:pb#9600: ---- From: Todd Pfaff <>

The 'infocmp -C' command will convert terminfo to termcap. There are some limitations (see the infocmp(8) man page). ---- From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

You need to use infocmp(8V), the -C option does exactly what you want. ---- From: Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>

There is a number of ways, one is sun infocmp:

It can also convert a terminfo entry to a termcap(5) entry; the -C flag causes infocmp to perform this conversion. Some termcap variables are not supported by terminfo, but those that can be derived from terminfo variables are displayed. Not all terminfo capabilities are translated either; only those that are allowed in a termcap entry are normally displayed. Specifying the -r option eliminates this res- triction, allowing all capabilities to be displayed in termcap form. ---- From: (Rick Pluta)

We ran into the same problem when trying to login to out HP system from a Sun. I don't think you need to start with terminfo on the HP. We took the termcap entries for "hp" and "hpsub" from the file /etc/termcap on the HP and copied them to the Sun file /usr/share/lib/termcap. We also renamed the "hp" entry to "hpterm" on the Sun. This works for SunOS 4.1.X machines.

For our SunOS 5.X machines, we copied the terminfo file /usr/lib/terminfo/h/hpterm from the HP to /usr/share/lib/terminfo/h/hpterm on the Suns. This also seems to work. ---- From: "Richard.Hellier" <>

The hpterm termcap entry I use is listed at the end. A point, tho'

are you sure you want termcap and not terminfo (for the latter you can just copy across the "hpterm" entry from the HP's terminfo/h directory to the SUN's. Things like tset seem to need termcap, though, so its best to have both! ----------------- h0|hpsub|hpterm|hp terminals -- capability subset:\ :if=/usr/lib/tabset/stdcrt:\ :al=\EL:am:bs:\ :cd=\EJ:ce=\EK:ch=\E&a%dC:cl=\EH\EJ:\ :co#80:da:db:dc=\EP:dl=\EM:do=\EB:ei=\ER:\ :kb=^H:kd=\EB:kh=\Eh:kl=\ED:kr=\EC:ku=\EA:\ :ke=\E&s0A:ks=\E&s1A:\ :li#24:mi:nd=\EC:pt:\ :se=\E&d@:so=\E&dB:\ :up=\EA:xs:\ :cm=\E&a%dy%dC:cv=\E&a%dY:\ :im=\EQ:ml=\El:mu=\Em:\ :ue=\E&d@:us=\E&dD:\ :bt=\Ei: ---- From: (Mark Holm)

Just use the "hp" definition and resize to get the appropriate size attached. That's how we do it here. It's actually just as easy to trap in your login scripts and change hpterm to hp. We have the same problem with sun-cmd vs. sun everywhere else. ---- From: Peter Farmer <>

infocmp -C ... ----

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