Summary: dictionary for Crack

From: Mark Paul LeScoezec (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1993 - 19:30:55 CST

Many thanks to the following people: (Len Rose)
 Claus Assmann <> (Tim White) (George Pallas) (Chris Peckham)
 whiteg@panther (Root)
 Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>

I now have a 606402(5.5 Mb) sort'd and uniq'd word list that should
suffice. There are a couple of different sites were one can download
several word-lists. Here are a couple:

(VERY comprehensive)
! has subdirectories
! aussie dutch literature random
! chinese french movieTV religion
! computer german names science
! danish italian norwegian spanish
! dictionaries japanese places swedish

! There's over 6 megabytes (compressed) of stuff in those.
! black is
They're available from under /doc/dictionaries.
anonymous ftp to
cd /pub/passwd


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