Is an HP 4M a rugged printer? (and mini-SUMMARY)

From: Elizabeth Schwartz (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1993 - 13:52:18 CST

I posted last week asking for recommendations for Postscript
laser printers rugged enough to withstand lab use.

  Out of twelve responses, eight were from VERY enthusiastic HP IIsi and
4si users. One recommended the QMS, one recommended the Apple Pro 630
(Same engine as the HP 4m) two recommended an HP 4 (unspecified) and
one each recommended for and against the Sun NEWSprinter (one person
made two suggestions) Also got a response from a QMS/Imagen engineer
recommending a QMS 1725.
  This month's PC Magazine, Network edition, also has a VERY nice
section of printer reviews, including naming engines for each machine.
This was a big help!

  HP 4SI owners said the machine was robust, fast, reliable, easy to
maintain and change cartridges, has good scalable fonts and high SIMM
capacity, and never jammed unless powered off while printing duplex
pages. At 18ppm the printer is too fast for the serial connection,
but works ok on appletalk or ethernet, with parallel ok for text.
Most people praised the large paper trays and duplex print options.

  The Sun NEWSprinter is not an option for us because it does the
Postscript processing on a Sun workstation, and we have a heterogenous
network and all our sun's are heavily loaded, so we need the printer
to do the work.

So, I'm pushing very hard to get an HP 4si, but we're not sure we can
fund it this year. I am wondering how rugged the HP 4M is? The HP 4MP
and 4L are clearly personal-quality printers and not rated to survive
in a 4,000 ppm environment, but it is hard to tell about the 4M.
Has anyone here used a 4M in a lab? We are worried about durability,
ease of maintenance, ability to stand a few bumps, etc. Would this be
a good choice for us if we can't get a 4si?

thanks very much!

PS thanks to:
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