SUMMARY: Core file keeps popping up

From: Scott A. Harris (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1993 - 16:25:43 CST

Thanks to Jack Morrison, Kevin W. Thomas and Guy Harris for
pointing me to the file command.

If one does a "file /var/spool/mail/core" it will supply
the name of the file that is dumping the core image.
Then all you need to do is track the offending file down.
In this case it was in.comsat that was causing the problems.
I've recently installed a tcp wrapper and it seems to be
interfearing with in.comsat.

The original article follows:

Thanks again!!



In article <2b8em7$> (Scott A. Harris) writes:
>I have two core files that keep popping up in
>/var/spool/mail and /var/spool/uucp/user.
>Is there something I can do to prevent this?

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