SUMMARY: Crashing Sparc10 50 + Solaris 2.2

From: Edsel Adap (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1993 - 06:29:15 CST

The problem seemed to have gone away after applying the latest 100999
patch (100999-38).

Someone suggested to check for overlapping file systems. That was the
first thing I checked as soon as we started experiencing those problems.
I didn't see any overlaps.

One suggested that I send a symbolic trace. How do I do that?

Thanks to all who replied.
The original post follows, and the responses at the end:
> We have a Sparc 10 running Solaris 2.2. We have applied a lot of
> patches already and was working great for the last few months until a
> week or two ago, when we started experiencing random lockups. The
> machine would just freeze and it doesn't even respond to the console.
> Checking the log files did not reveal any related error messages. But
> the last time it locked up, it reported these errors: (Pardon me for
> the length) Any body have any insights to this problem?
[ log of errors deleted ]

One thing to look for is make sure that your file systems do not
overlap. I speak from experience :^()


From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
A numeric crash is kinda useless - do you have a symbolic trace around?

i had a similar problem on a 690 ; i replaced the CPU's ; it worked for a week
and died; after changing a lot of stuff ; the problem was in the IPI controller
check your SCSI controller or IPI controller

If you replied and are not in this list, then I probably haven't
received your wonderful ideas yet. Thank you anyway.

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