SUMMARY - sendmail queue stuck

Date: Tue Nov 02 1993 - 09:09:30 CST

Thanks to all who repsponded. It was almost unanimous, the problem
was that the load average on the problem system was above the values
specified in the for Ox (Load average at which we queue
messages). That is what the 'X' in the mailq line means. This makes
sense since after a reboot the mail went out immediately. It is
interesting that the first line sun hotline consultant didn't know
what the 'X' meant.

Side comments:

Two respondants advised against using the frozen config file:

I would advise not using a frozen config file, since
you'll need to rebuild it when you rebuild your aliases file, etc.

Another said he had heard that the frozen config file is broken
and even Sun advises against using it. He is not sure which release of
the OS this applies to, though.

Thanks to:

Elmar Kurgpold <> (George Pallas) (Sven Maurmann)
Robert L Krawitz <>
Stephen Campbell <> (James B. Morrison)


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