SUMMARY: Alias include in sendmail problems

From: Dave Plummer (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1993 - 02:48:01 CST

Dear all,

My problem was silent non-delivery to a contiguous block of 40 addresses
from a much larger included alias file. The actual user names in the block
appeared to affect the outcome. No errors were logged anywhere.

Replies are still comming in, but the problem seems to be fixed.

100224-06 contains a number of fixes for mail and rmail in 4.1.[123] this
appears to have done the trick. I had spent some time scanning the sunsolve
online database, but I was looking for a sendmail problem.

Thanks to:

stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM Hal Stern Casper Carl Gabrielson

And anyone whose message is still to come in.


Dave Plummer, Dept of Medical Physics, University College London, UK

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