Re: Summary of responses to Used/Refurb Sun Dealers Query

From: Michael Hucka (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1993 - 16:46:46 CST

>>>>> On 1 Nov 1993, David Pirmann (pirmann) wrote:

  pirmann> This post is a summary of the replies I received. My thanks to all
  pirmann> that replied, especially Mike Hucka for forwarding posts from
  pirmann> comp.sys.sun.hardware that I had missed. These posts are included
  pirmann> verbatim below but may have been superceded by new versions.

        [... text deleted ...]

  pirmann> Marathon International, Los Gatos, CA (800) 783-7354
        [... text deleted ...]
  pirmann> "Marathon had the 2nd best pricing for what I was looking for.
  pirmann> They offered a 90 warranty, and I imagine they would
  pirmann> install the OS version of your choice but
  pirmann> unfortunately I didn't actually ask. John Wade spoke
  pirmann> with me; again a very pleasant individual, who never
  pirmann> pressured me and was willing to bargain and try all
  pirmann> sorts of combinations to work something out with me.
  pirmann> Marathon seems to have a good reputation on the net,
  pirmann> and I had a good feeling about them. I was an inch
  pirmann> away from buying their system, and they will be the
  pirmann> first people I call the next time." -- hucka

Just to update this: about a week after I wrote this message to Mr. Pirmann,
Jim Hall at Marathon contacted me about some more Sparc 1's they had, and I
ended up buying one from them. So it's more accurate now to say that
Marathon had the best pricing for what I was looking for.

-- Mike
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