SUMMARY: Problem w/HP4M on bpp0

From: Brian Terry (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1993 - 12:00:21 CST

Sorry for the delay in summarizing, but...

The solution was easy enough. Upgrade to Newsprint 2.x. I have since tried it on
NP 2.1 and 2.2 and it works perfectly. Jochen Bern gets an "A" for the correct answer. I had
tried this while waiting for responses, and found that it worked, so it was interesting to find that
this has been a general problem.

All agreed that the br= and other serial config statements were unneeded. Probably due to the
highly reliable Newsprint 1 analysis of the installation. ;) Thanks to all who responded. Next up,
a Jet Direct card for this same printer!

Brian Terry

> I am trying to get an HP4M (built-in postscript) to work on a Sparc IPC running
> 4.1.1 and Newsprint 1. The HP is connected via Sparcprinter card parallel
> port. The HP works fine when I send it a PCL file from Newsprint, but if I
> send it postscript files, the READY light will flash as will the FORM FEED
> light, but nothing will be printed. The following is the printcap entry as
> created by add_np_printer. Thanks for any suggestions.

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